F1 2015/2016 Hockenheim Comparison


Season 7 Provisional Start Date

Assuming all goes to plan, the first test races for season 7 will take place on Wednesday 31st AugustĀ and Friday 2nd September for AL1 and 2 respectively, with (again if everything goes to plan) the first races at Australia starting the following week onĀ the 7th and 9th of September.

Calendar dates should start appearing in the upcoming events tab on the right hand side soon.

F1 2016 Details

The 19/08/16 release date for F1 2016 draws ever closer; here’s what we know about it so far:

  • Formation laps
  • 22 player online lobbies, so all teams will be available to use in the league for the first time!
  • Manual clutch starts – need to balance your revs and and engage the clutch yourself, have to react to the lights, anti stall can kick in and bog you down.
  • Safety car – Full control under the safety car now, you can warm your tires and brakes accordingly.
  • Virtual safety car
  • Manual pit entries
  • Updated damage model
  • New wet weather physics
  • Adjustable race time eg You can have Singapore during the day, Malaysia at sunset etc.
  • 10 season career mode with custom drivers again
  • R&D stuff for career, have to develop your car
  • Vastly improved penalty system, this includes warnings and new 5s pit stop penalty.
  • Pit boards, engineers now hang pit boards over the side of the pitwall during the races with info on them.
  • New curbs/surfaces.

Videos are starting to emerge showing off the new UI and features as well as car models and tracks.